Board games

Did you know that it is possible to give personalised games as a gift? Yes, really! Imagine a ludo, a game of goose or chess with your photo and that of your loved ones. Don't you think it's a fantastic gift? We think so: for your children to play in the car, for trips with friends, to go to the swimming pool... We have a wide variety, we make them one by one and they always please the person who is being entertained.

Custom games for all ages

Our custom games are one of the most fun and original section of the entire website. We have games for any age group, from the classic personalised "Noughts and crosses" for the little ones to drinking games for the adults.

Most games are personalised with photographs to make them unique and special. A Ludo game with photos of each family member; a "Guess who?" with your friends' faces; a Spanish deck with the picture of the winner of every game... Can you think of a better gift?

We have reinvented the traditional games

You may have also spent hours and hours playing those classic games at home or by the pool. Therefore, we wanted to turn leisure games such as Ludo, Chess or Cards into something new and original. It is a perfect gift for both children and adults. The little ones will continue enjoying traditional games, those ones that, generation after generation, has been present in the funniest evenings.

On the other hand, grown-ups will go back to their childhood and remember some of the most beautiful years of their lives. Those when a deck of cards or dominoes and company of their friends were enough to make them the happiest person in the world. And not to mention how special it would be to give personalised games to grandparents. Imagine personalising a chess game or a deck of cards with their grandchildren's pictures! They will be looking forward to teaching you all those games... Classics were, are and will always be trendy!

Among these lifelong games are the Chessboard, Dominoes, the Magic Cube, the Spanish Deck, the Ludo, the Goose, the Checkerboard or Noughts and crosses. These games foster teamwork, help exercise memory and are perfect for having a good time with family or friends.

The complicated thing now is to choose the funniest or most tender photographs for your boards. However, once you've picked them, we'll create the most beautiful gift you will ever give (or receive).

Customised games for children

In a time when children are constantly hooked on computers or other electronic devices, giving them a game that is not virtual is always a great idea. And if you personalised it, it would become a one-of-a-kind gift!

If you are fed with your children always stuck to the screen, you are in the perfect section to solve that issue. No more games for consoles and mobile phones! It is time to replace it with games such as personalised Guess Who or Animal Puzzles with their name.

We also have a series of personalised games that are perfect for you to take to the park and enjoy with your friends. Have a look at our custom Twister with photo or the custom tricolour soccer ball. They are perfect games to spend entertaining afternoons with friends.

Games for adults

In this section, not only do we have personalised children's games for their free time, but we also have all kinds of games so that adults can also have fun... but differently.

You most likely already have been to dinners or parties that have gone on way too long. Therefore, we have a selection of drinking games for you to always have a great time. Our personalised shots hand, drinking roulette, or card games like "Never Have I Ever" are an entertaining way to spend a night with friends... Careful, you might end up having too much fun!

Can you think of a better company than your partner to enjoy adults' games? Our hearts with over 100 tests are perfect for spending a very romantic night with your other half. The "Erotic Heart", "Heart Full of Love and Desire", or the "Kamasutra Heart" are some of the most passionate games to enjoy with your partner. You just need to take out one of the paper rolls in the box and carry out the test. Do you dare to do what it tells you, whatever it is?

Do you still believe that giving a personalised game is not the best option?

After seeing this fun and original section, you will want to try all our personalised games and surprise the people you love with an original gift. In addition, it is perfect for you to share it with your loved ones enjoying these fun games.