Custom cushions

We guess anyone would like to have a cushion that could be personalised with a nice photo, with a memory or a name inside a lovely design. So giving personalised cushions is an absolutely excellent option to surprise that person you love so much. In addition, we have cushions that can be customised on both sides, making that gift even more original.

Why should you buy personalised mugs and cushions?

People who give personalised cushions and/or mugs seem very clever to us. They are not like other gifts: they are highly practical for everyday use and remind us of great moments. They are affordable, and they can be personalised in a thousand ways. Everybody likes them... Do you need more reasons?

Many people ask us why we have cushions and mugs in the same section. And it is not only because they share all these characteristics but also because people who buy a cushion complement commonly their gift with a mug (and vice versa).

All the custom cushions that we sell in Made In Gift measure 40x40 centimetres. The photo ones can be customised on one or both sides. You will find custom double-sided cushions in very few other places.

On the other hand, we are very proud of our custom mugs. They are made of ceramic, and we make them one by one. They can be personalised with photos or texts. It is the perfect example of a product with an excellent quality-price ratio since custom mugs are affordable and so cute.

100% personalised products

The item is 100% personalised in both cases. That is, you can customise a cushion or a mug with the photos you want, with text, designs ... The only limit is your imagination!

But we know that we might not always be inspired. Therefore, we want to talk about several product lines that can help you decide on the perfect gift.

  • Family personalised mugs and cushions: Firstly, we have family cushions and mugs: you only need to choose the characters, up to six, give them a name to create the coolest cushion on the planet.
  • Job occupations mugs and cushions: The same could be said of the cushions and mugs for professions, perfect for situations such as the Secret Santa or gifts to co-workers. Choose one of our characters (from office workers to nuns, astronauts or doctors) and personalise it with the name you want.

If what you need is to find a gift for a specific occasion, we have a wide variety of products to talk about:

  • Cushion and mug for birthdays: a design with a cake, balloons and gifts. You just need to add the photo or the message.
  • Cushion and mug for newborns: personalised with the baby's name, weight or height. A memory for their entire life.
  • Cushion and cup of hearts: perfect for Valentine's Day, anniversaries and other couple celebrations.
  • Cushion and vintage photo: for the most classical people. Surely your design Will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • And long etcetera: cushions and mugs with vehicles, with flowers, for Father's Day, for Mother's Day, with teddy bears, for graduations ... For any occasion!

Mugs and cushions for any event

We have products for all kinds of situations. Many people ask for weddings, birthdays, baptisms, to give to teachers or professors at the end of the year, for bachelor parties ...

We make all the products in our own factory; therefore, the cushions and personalised mugs can be delivered within 24 hours. This quick shipment, along with the prices, makes it one of the favourite sections of those people that tend to forget special dates. If you missed a birthday but still want to give a gift, you are in the right place.

We also have a lot of demand for companies. We also sell our custom cushions and mugs wholesale. Send us an email if you are interested in placing a bulk order, and we will assist you accordingly.