Assorted Candies

Here are personalised gifts made with sweets. Don’t you think it is an incredible gift idea? If you want to surprise a very sweet person, it must certainly exceed their expectations. This is why we got lots of different sweets, also presented in a variety of almost infinite custom and fascinating containers, such as bottles, cans, light bulbs... If this section does not trigger your wishes to pick something, it is just because you do not love sweets as much as we do.

Custom sweets to sweeten anyone's day

It is time to break the topic that sweets are only for children. We all have a friend or family who loves candies and buys bags of sweets in industrial quantities. Therefore, we think that giving sweets is one of those options with which you will be sure.

Why give personalised candies as gifts?

Giving candies as a gift may seem boring or typical ... But its far for being true! To really sweet tooth people there is nothing that can make him more excited than to appear with a load of his favourite sweets. Just imagine if you receive candies and they are personalised with your name or a funny text, it is something you will never forget.

We have a wide variety of sweets so that everyone can have their favourite candies. As well as different designs and packaging to make it a special gift

The sweetest messages

Is there anything you want to say to that special person? If you've been thinking about an original way to do it, our sweets messages are perfect. It can be a beautiful way to show your love, to ask for forgiveness, or much better, to ask for marriage.

For this we use the sweetest and fluffy marshmallows, can you think of a better candy? In addition, you have up to 45 characters to tell you what is in your head, now you need a little imagination. On the other hand, we also have skewers with 8 or 16 letters to put your names, a very special "I love you" or a significant date.

The most colourful custom candy boxes

If what you are looking for is to brighten the day of that person who always makes you smile, our personalised candy boxes are perfect. We have many combinations, all of them with the most positive and tender messages in the world. Boxes of “Sugus”, heart-shaped candies or marshmallows. We have the most original boxes ... Even one simulating a combo plate! It is a super fun detail, perfect to congratulate your friends for their birthdays, your partner for your anniversary or those relatives who are going to be parents.

We have two sizes of boxes available. A smaller one with about 50 sweets and another larger one for authentic lovers of candies, with about 75 delicious sweets.

Canned sweets ... Have you ever seen something like that?

As you can see, we do not stop creating the most original custom products that exist, and canned sweets are one of them. We have all kinds of candies in cans with the craziest designs. We have cans inspired by the best-known soda brands, one with Andy Warhol's typical can of tomato, even one that simulates a can of spaghetti! All of them full of the nicest sweets.

We have also created our own designs with tender customizable phrases with the name of the person receiving the gift or cans where you can print your favourite photograph.

Bottles, jar and buckets to fully enjoy them

Did you think that we could not have more products involving sweets? That's because you haven't seen our designs in jars and bottles of sweets. You can choose from the wide variety of sweets we have to refill your bottle or custom jar. It is the perfect gift to surprise your mom, brother, boyfriend, friend or co-worker.

If the person you are thinking of giving a gift is passionate about cinema, our candy cubes inspired by the typical popcorn cubes, are the perfect choice. In addition, it is ideal to share a fun afternoon of movies and sweets together

The most original cakes and bouquets

Blowing candles in conventional cakes or giving bouquets of flowers is a great option, but a bit boring and conventional ... That's why our bouquets of sweets and cakes are a perfect idea if you want to give a big surprise to the person you love so much. In addition, you can include in the order a teddy bear or a fun balloon, to make it even more special.

We also have pots full of candies for those who love plants and sweets in equal parts. It is a perfect idea to always have sweets at home or in the office ... The only problem is that everyone will want to eat one.

After seeing our sweets section and all the available options, you will want to surprise someone with such a great product. Now you only have the difficult decision to choose which candy to give and give us the message you want... We take care of the rest!

Do not think more, giving sweets is always the best option. The only problem will be to control yourself and do not eat all the candies by yourself!