Here are our funny helium balloons, the perfect accessory for all occasions. This category relates to balloons of 45 cm in diameter filled with helium and held by a lovely small teddy bear for the balloons not to fly away. We have all kinds of designs for balloons, but you also have the option to customise them with your photos or texts. By the way, you can also send candles, cakes, chocolates and many other surprising gifts to accompany the balloon.

We enjoy gifts so much that sometimes we are like little children. That's why one of our favourite sections is the foil balloon category. If you know what we are talking about, there is only one possibility: that you like them as much as we do. If you don't know them, don't worry, we'll talk about them at great length.

What are foil balloons?

Let us tell you what they are. As we understand them, foil balloons are beautiful metallic balloons almost half a metre in diameter, filled to the brim with helium.

If you want to know how long they are going to last while being inflated, the answer is complicated. It all depends on the weather conditions, on if they receive any hits or so… We can guarantee you that for the first 48 hours, they’re going to be just as perfect as when you received them. From then on, they will progressively lose helium but can be easily be elevated for 4 or 5 days.

How will I receive my customised balloon?

We prepare and place it in a colourful box so that, when you open the box, you can your balloon pop out.

Until where? Up to almost two meters high. And what holds him up so he doesn't fly away? A beautiful teddy bear, which is included in almost all foil balloons. Couldn't be nicer!

The most popular helium balloons

The most successful balloons, of course, are those associated with beautiful moments. The "Congratulations" and "Happy Birthday" models are in high demand. There are still dreamers who, like us, congratulate the birthday with a beautiful balloon too. There is nothing cuter on this planet!

Helium balloons are also excellent to lift anyone´s spirit. The “Get Well” balloon is perfect for that sick loved one, as it will accompany them during their recovery and remind them every time, they look at it that they have people who love them and supporting them.

Types of customised helium balloons

On an online shop of customised gifts like ours, it’s essential to offer customised helium balloons. Three types of balloons are available:

  • Foil balloons with message: we add the text of your choice to a balloon designed with nice colourful polka dots.
  • Foil balloons with photo: we customise the entire balloon with the photo you send us.
  • Family Foil balloon: funny and adorable characters with the names of your family for a unique balloon.
  • Smiley Foil balloons : they always triumph. Imagen your most used WhatsApp emoticons turned into balloons filled with helium. Super cool!

Foil balloons for mothers and fathers

You can also use our balloons to surprise your mothers and fathers because we have created designs especially for them.

So, if your father already owns ties and colognes, a great gift for Father’s Day could be the “Congratulations Dad” foil balloons.

For Mother’s Day, you can do the same with our “Congratulations Mum” foil balloons if you have already given shoes or bags.

Balloons for newborns

We also thought of customised foil balloons for newborn babies. If the parents wanted to be surprised by the gender of their baby, you can give them a balloon that says “It’s a girl” or “It’s a boy” depending on which one it is.

We can also customise the balloons with “Welcome” + the baby’s name. Remember, all of our balloons come with a little teddy bear, so you will also give his or her first cuddly toy to the baby.

Bunch of customised foil balloons

If you’re thinking of doing something big like in the movie “Up”, we have different models of bunches of foil balloons.

Imagine the look on the face of that special person who is going to receive so many balloons that he/she doesn’t know where to keep them.

Foil balloons for weddings and communions

Balloons can also be a great gift for weddings and communions.

We have different models, specially created for these special occasions. The only thing you have to do is tell us the name of the stars of the day and we’ll take care of the rest.

Foil balloons for events and companies

If you need to make a lot of balloons for a company event, we also make gas balloons in bulk. Just send us an email and we will give you the best price.

As you have seen, gas balloons are perfect for any occasion.