Face Masks

We do not exaggerate when we say that we have the world's funniest personalised face masks in our shop. Protect yourself and those around you by wearing those fabric face masks you will be able to customise on your own with images, names, texts, photos or motivating designs. Adults and children mask sizes are available in our store so that anyone at your place can have one.

Customised face masks as fashion accessories

Face masks have become the newest fashion accessory that everyone needs to have. That’s why, at Made in Gift, we’ve created one of the newest and most original categories: customised face masks and other accessories for optimal protection.

If you cannot go out without a face mask, this is the time to dedicate that empty drawer to collect the world’s most original and modern face masks. If you are willing to collect all of them, this category is absolutely perfect for you. You can find different face masks with different fabrics and lots of different fun and nice designs for you to wear something different every single day.

We want you to show off your best face masks.

Customised face masks and other accessories for guaranteed protection

Face masks are essential for our daily protection, that’s why it’s important to take good care of them. In this category, you can find customised cases to keep your face mask. You can actually customise your case with the same design of your face mask to have the most beautiful pack ever.

You have probably already seen some people in the street with black or white ear savers so that the face mask’s strips do not hurt the back of your ears. Because we realised it was a very common problem, at Made in Gift, we have come up with an original solution to save you from ear pain: customised ear savers. Once again, you can customise it with the same design used for both the case and the face mask.

Our protection kit is not complete yet: you can also customise a matching hand gel case to be fully protected from head to toes. If the face mask protects you well, you are going to be completely protected. It is time to equip yourself with an original protection kit.

Customised face masks for adults and children

There is not an accessory more original than a customised face mask with a very nice design. It is time to play with this accessory and let your imagination and creativity flow.

Are you already thinking of designing face masks for your entire family? If you love to go out with your spouse and children, it is the perfect opportunity to order a design adapted to all family members. For instance, you can write down the name of each one on the face mask so that you cannot get confused ever again. It is just an example of what you can do to customise your face masks.

Choose the design you love the most from our catalogue or create a new one by adding your favourite photo on the face mask. You can download your own picture or your own design. It will be a unique and really exclusive face mask no one else will have.

The advantage of customising face masks is that you cannot confuse them with another one. If each one has a specific and unique design, it is going to be impossible for your child to take yours and vice versa. Besides, we also have a mask hanger which you can also customise and assign to each one of your family members.

Face masks customised with your brand logo

Even though working from home is increasingly important, a lot of companies are still working on a face-to-face basis. In that case, it is essential that all employees wear a face mask.

What’s better than wearing a face mask customised with the brand logo? We can ship in large quantities so that companies can supply masks with the brand logo to all their employees.

Certified face masks: types and materials

We have different types of customised face masks so that you can find all you need. Our catalogue includes cotton or polyester, white or colours face masks.

In our category, you can find exactly what you are looking for. Don’t worry; all of our face masks are approved and meet the European Union official certification.

Customised cases for face masks: to safely keep them

Have you ever wondered where to keep your face mask when you sit on terrasse to have some drinks with your friends? Or when you come back home, do you just drop it on the table? All you need is a customised case to keep your face mask.

You can match it with the design of your face mask or choose a completely different design. You can also find several designs just like for the face masks. However, if you’re feeling creative, you can upload your own design on the case customised with photo.

Two types of cases are available: square and rectangular (also called XL). The difference is the size: contrary to the rectangular case, you need to fold the face mask to fit it into the square case.

Customised ear savers for those who have ear pains

Have you seen lots of people with ear savers in the streets? They are wearing it to avoid the ear pain caused by the face mask’s strips. To have a completely matching protection kit, you can also customise our ear saver with the design, name or photo of your choice. You are free to let your creativity flow.

It can also be a very useful gift nowadays because it will save a problem you have with the face masks every day. To save you from ear pain, customise your ear saver and walk comfortably wherever you go.

Customised hand gel case to never forget to wash your hands

Face masks are said to be essential for our protection, but it is also very important to wash your hands. If you are one of those people who have already put a hydroalcoholic gel in their purse, don’t miss the opportunity to customise a gel case as well.

We have some hand gel cases that you can hook to your backpack, trousers or belt… to always have it close to hand. This is a very original product to go back to school, for example, so that your children never forget to wash their hands after touching something.

Protect yourself and protect others with those very original gifts!!!