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this precious wood is the perfect gift for parents, because it is one of the ways in which families pay homage to dad by showing that it is a great pride to have a DAD like him in the family.

It is an elegant wooden board of 3 cm thickapprox which can be customized with photographs. Those photos would form the word DAD which makes this object an endearing gift.

This special gift is made of a wooden block and is an excellent gift to improve the decoration of our home.

The wooden board is designed to be placed on a shelf, or table, just as we use an ordinary photo frame.

Its thickness of approximately 3 cm guarantees that it can stand on its own and with no need of support.

The wood is sent without varnish and with its natural color, that way, you will get a clean and rustic finish that brings to our gift a much warmer touch . If you prefer a brighter finish, we recommend the use of translucent varnish that does not contain solvents in its components, since in this way the tone of the photographs will not be altered.

How is it customized?

The product design is very simple since we will have a template to adjust the images to our liking.

We use a separate template for each letter, in this way, we would start by customizing the letter "P" and continue in order (or not) until all the letters of the word dad are completed.

Important: The woods have streaks and these are reflected in the image.


• Personalized wooden board 200x100x32mm
• Souvenir card.

Dimensions: 20 x 10 cm.
30 x 15 cm.

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