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How many times have you sung your heart out? We all have certain songs that always get us singing and dancing, no matter where we are or what we're doing at that particular moment. Who hasn't sung along to their favourite song in the street with their headphones on, living their life as if they were in a music video?

We have the ideal product for all those people for whom music brings life to life. What is that song you always associate with your partner or your best friend? It doesn't matter if it's 'The Scientist' by Coldplay or 'Despacito" by Luis Fonsi. With these customised wireless earphones, listen to your favourite song at any time, thanks to this Spotify code.

Use this code to listen to that song on the Spotify app. Enter the app, click on the camera icon in the browser, and that special song will appear in the player! You can choose any great song you can think of, which you'll have to search for in the search engine when personalising this original gift. If you want your sweetheart to always have your song on them, these earphones are the perfect product.

How to use the earphones? To connect your earphones for the first time, you must press and hold the multi-function button of both earphones at the same time until the indicators start to flash. This function indicates that both earphones are already paired. Subsequently, you must press the multi-function button twice in one of the helmets to enter synchronization mode.

Once the device is fully synchronized, the blue and red indicator light on the headset will continue to flash, whereas, on the other earphone, the blue indicator will flash every 5 seconds, which means that the synchronization was successful.

From the Bluetooth menu, you must look for device 6202 to have it paired with your phone. Once both devices are linked, the indicator light of both earphones will flash every 5 seconds.

To turn it off, you simply have to press and hold the multifunction button on any of the earphones.

Important: When using the earphones to talk on the phone, it will only be heard through one earphone, , in turn, if you use them to listen to music, it will be heard through both earphones.

Keys on the controller:

- Answer / End a call: Press the multi-function button once
- Reject a call: Press and hold the multi-function button
- Redial: Press the multi-function button twice consecutively to dial the number of the last call
- Play / Pause music: Press the multi-function button once
- Track change: Press the multi-function button for two seconds to go to the next track.


• Customised wireless earphones.
• Souvenir card.

Compatible with all brands of smartphone, mp3 and mp4: iPhone, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, BlackBerry, HTC, Nokia.


• Bluetooth version 4.2
• Operating distance: up to 10 meters.
• Frequency: 2.4GHz
• Headphones: 350mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
• Charging station: 350mAh Lithium Polymer battery
• Charging voltage: 5V
• Output: 1mW
• Running time: 2.5h
• Standby time: 120h
• Charging time: 1h
• SNR: 95dB
• Impedance: 32ohms
• Distortion: less than 5%
• Supports A2DP1.3 / HFP1.6 / HSP1.2 / AVRCP1.6 / DI1.3
• Charging cable included

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Buy it today and get it tomorrow 26 October

You can even choose the date of delivery

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