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Have you started your countdown to Christmas? If you are about to start it, this customised advent calendar is made for you. This is the perfect gift to let that person who waits all year long for Christmas.

If every year at the end of November s/he goes running to buy his or her advent calendar, the time has come to give him or her one that matches the occasion, customised with his or her name name and filled with his or her favorite chocolates. S/he will die of illusion on seeing it!

Because Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, we all deserve a gift like this one. Kinder Bueno, Chocobons, Mini Kinder, Werther's, gummies, candies... Have you decided what chocolate do you want? No matter which one it is, it's going to delicious.


• Customised advent calendar
• Souvenir card.

Content of the calendar:

  • Chocobons: If you love these crunchy milk chocolate sweets, this is the best option. Our calendar includes 25 chocolates individually wrapped for you to eat one on every day.

  • Kinder Bueno Mini: 25 incredible mini Kinder Bueno individually wrapped. Who doesn't like this crunchy chocolate filled a delicious cream?

  • Kinder Mini: If you prefer the classic Kinder chocolates, this is the perfect option for your calendar. This is delicious bars of chocolate filled with cream. They are individually wrapped so that you can eat one every day.

  • Werther’s Original: With these delicious butter and cream candie,s you'll be looking forward to opening your calendar every day. If you choose this option, you will have 25 Werther's Original candies individually wrapped.

  • Gummies: The best option for gummy lovers. Our calendar includes 25 individually packed gluten-free sweets. Strawberries, coconuts and eggs... A mix of your favourite sweets!

  • Sugus candies: These fun candies are perfect for giving to both adults and children. It is a very soft candy perfect for children. It includes 25 suggestions of different flavours.

  • Candies: If you choose this option your calendar will be filled with 25 delicious sweets. These are white candies with a beautiful red wrapper... Is there anything more Christmassy?

  • Handmade chocolates: The best options for chocolate lovers. This is a calendar full of 25 Belgium milk chocolate. There is nothing better than chocolate.

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