Scent and body products

A real classic is to gift cosmetic products. We give it a twist and bring you these original scent baskets, with which you can give colognes and skincare products in a different way. They are gifts designed for people who want to take care of themselves, for those who are looking for something out of the ordinary and for those who are not satisfied with giving just anything.

Glamour, sophistication and style. These are images that come to mind when looking at our Fragrance gift baskets category. Here, you'll find the chicest and most elegant gifts on our entire site. Ready to bathe in elegance and sophistication?

What are skincare products baskets?

Let's start at the beginning. They are sets of body care products. As simple as that? Absolutely! All are characterised by good taste.

The basis of all these baskets is an item that you can keep after using up all products, such as a wooden box, a metal watering can or a small decorative bathtub. Inside, there are several products chosen with care and elegance.

Types of products in the body care baskets

Each set is different and offers over a dozen products, all together. Here is a list of the treatments and products you can find inside these baskets.

  • Body milk: moisturising body milk. Made with the finest ingredients, dermatologically tested and will leave your skin softer than ever.
  • Bath bombs: authentic bombs. Small balls that you put in the bathtub and turn bathing into a sensational experience, very similar to what you would find in a spa.
  • Exfoliating sponges: to remove small impurities from the skin after a bath.
  • Shower gel: forget about the typical big container from the supermarkets. Our body care baskets include a premium shower gel, perfect for relaxing with a hot shower.
  • Cologne: fresh eau de cologne tailored to each basket.

Themed body care baskets

You could say that our skincare baskets are themed. For example, some products have the same fragrance: the "Chocolate Fragrance Bathtub" contains several products inspired by the scent and taste of chocolate, while the "Vanilla Cowboy Basket" contains vanilla products.

We also have themed designs. For example, those who are more assertive will choose the "Red Heel" and "Black Heel" baskets, in which the products are presented in two elegant decorative heels. On the other hand, the 'French Linen' and 'Florence' fragrance jars presents the cosmetic items in metal pots that you can then reuse to plant different herbs. If you're looking for original baskets to gift, you've come to the right place. We don't always like the same fragrances, therefore, we are constantly renewing our catalogue to offer you the latest trends.