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If you have always dreamed of decorating your room with a family caricature or that of your fiancé's, this is the right moment to get one. Our professional illustrator will extricate the most outstanding physical traits out of the person on the photo you upload and will turn the photograph into a fun and authentique freehand digital cartoon.

If each time you travel abroad you've been about to make a caricature of yourself but never end up doing it, just don't miss that chance this time, as the end work is really nice and you'll see that's a great gift you can make to someone who's moving in to a new house or as a birthday gift or for someone at work who's been awarded as the employee of the year.

How does it work? You would only have to add a photograph in which the person you are interested in can easily be seen as it's a character to be stood out, and our digital illustrator would then create his master piece.

You will also be asked about how you want the intended character to be dressed in order to achieve the best definition through a fully personalized caricature.

This gift is a freehand-drawing illustrated by a professional artist, and such caricature will be forwarded to you via email which will also enable you to use it in further digital devices such as a WhatsApp profile picture, a mobile's background image, on a printed poster, etc).

Recommendations for your caricature:

- The intended character on the photo must appear looking to the front.
- The photograph must be a full-body photo.
- Define the clothing you want to use for the caricature. If no specifications are provided thereon, our illustrator will automatically draw the clothing wore by the character on the photo.
- Choose a photo in which the liking or hobbies of that person can also be seen, since we attempt to create an caricature which is the closest to the reality.
- Bear in mind that pets are also seen as characters.

Important to note: The caricature will be delivered when finished. Modifications can be made only in the event of an obvious mistake related to remarks that may have not been interpreted correctly, for instance: Changing the hair color for black instead of blond).
Therefore, the requested photograph must be as clear as possible so that the artist can clearly perceive all the related features on it.


• Freehand digital caricature
• Souvenir card.

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