Custom Cushion with Harry Potter's Portrait

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Have you ever dreamed of catching the Hogwart Express train to attend the most famous Witchcraft and Wizardry college of all times? If so, this special personalised cushion is a must-have. The fact is that this is not an ordinary merchandising product, as we have gone way further beyond by making your own freehand digital portrait simulating characters of such an amazing series of fantasy novels.

Yes, believe it or not, this is true! You Will be able to get your own custom-made portrait inspired on your favorite books and films.

Besides, It is a fantastic Gift for those who love watching Harry Potter’s saga over and over again while eating air-pooped popcorns. Give this gift to someone who seems to be loving doing so and you will certainly exceed his/her expectations by hitting the mark.

You would only have to upload the photo you want us to use as a reference and our professional digital illustrator will make sure to get a fully personalized portrait of yourself or of the person you wish to give this gift to.

You will also be asked to select a background based on the house the intended character belongs to. Characters will also be wearing the robes and colors of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff!

Once your portrait is ready, it will be printed on this cushion which will make the one who receives it show a smile every time he/she looks at it.

Other than receiving this personalised product, THIS GIFT ALSO INCLUDES A USB DEVICE which contains the portrait's design that will also enables the drawing to be used in any other digital device, such as a WhatsApp profile, as a background for your Computer, etc.

Recommendations for your portrait:

- The intended character on the photo must appear looking to the front.
- The photograph must be a full-body photo.
- Define the clothing you want to use for the portrait. If no specifications are provided thereon, our illustrator will automatically draw the clothing worn by the character on the photo.
- Choose a photo in which the liking or hobbies of that person can also be seen, since we attempt to create an portrait which is the closest to the reality.
- Bear in mind that pets are also seen as characters.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Real people's features are not quite as exaggerated as regular Harry Potters characters themselves, since we intend to give a better likeness of the real person. Although those features will certainly be a bit exaggerated for the intended style.


• Custom cushion with stuffing included
• USB device with high quality portrait.
• Souvenir card.

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