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Have you ever played the role of Bruce Wayne in any of your life events? Are you still attracted to his exemplary behaviour and feel somehow identified with him? Well, guess what? ...You now have a great chance to get a custom high quality digital cartoon based on all Batman's features.

If you too feel committed to the social responsibility, or you're simply of of those who always thinks of the well being of your city and its neighbours, or better yet, if you enjoy helping others, it's clear that Bruce Wayne could certainly be your mentor. So, take this chance of turning yourself into Batman for good.

This type of personalised cartoon is obviously intended for your friends, relatives, or for those who love Batman's stories and films. Maybe your boyfriend/girlfriend is one of them, If so, why not surprising him with an original custom cartoon like the one shown above?

As for the clothes, the main character on your picture would be drawn wearing the typical Batman's suit.

IMPORTANT: You’ll also be able to decide whether the digital cartoon should be sent to you by email instead, so to use it on any digital device, either as a WhatsApp profile, a desktop wallpaper, print it on a poster, etc. The choice is all yours!

Please note that in case you choose the option of receiving the portrait via email, the shipping costs would automatically be reimbursed to your account within 48 hours. IN TURN, If you choose the home delivery option, this digital portrait will be sent to your delivery address in a USB stick with expected delivery within 4 working days..

Recommendations for your cartoon:

- The protagonist on the uploaded photo must be facing straight forward.
- It should preferably be a full-length photo.

Important: The digital cartoon is delivered when finished. Modification will only be made in the event of any manifest mistake accidentally made by the illustrator him/herself (like a drawing of black hair instead of red hair).
The uploaded photo must be as clear as possible so that the illustrator can perceive all the details, since details that are not noticeable enough can not be included.


• Freehand digital cartoon.
• Souvenir card.

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You can even choose the date of delivery

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