Fruit baskets

Our home-delivered fruit baskets are one of our greatest prides. We are talking about top quality fresh fruit, selected by our experts. It will practically go from the orchard to the home of the person you want to surprise. We have baskets of tropical fruit, Mediterranean fruit, fruit with chocolate and much more. Surprise by giving fruit as a gift.

Original fruit baskets to add a natural touch

Our fruit baskets include everything you need to surprise the most special people on any occasion. We know that every situation requires a different detail, therefore, at Made In Gift we are prepared for any theme and time. Is it your mother's birthday and she loves fruit? Do you want to surprise your partner to tell them in an original way that you love them? Do you feel like giving a delicious surprise to your best friend?

We have fruit baskets for all these occasions and more. Healthy, natural, organic and ecological life is in fashion and more and more people are trying to change their habits to embark on a sustainable, natural and very healthy path. Clearly, fruit is a food that provides our body with many vitamins and furthermore, it gives us the strength and energy.

It is true that fruit has a lot of sugar, but it is also very healthy. Therefore, this can be a very surprising original gift for any occasion.

Home delivery fruit baskets for any occasion

You may never have thought of giving a fruit basket as a gift. It's the perfect time to start thinking about other, more original gifts for the special people around you.

In this sense, a fruit basket or fruit tray is a great option for Mother's Day, Father's Day, a special person's birthday, or to celebrate the most original anniversary in the world. Therefore, we think it is one of the best gifts for any occasion.

We offer you the home delivery service so that giving a gift is much more convenient. Can you imagine your mother calling you one morning excited because she has just received a basket of fruit at home? That moment will be unforgettable for both of you. The home delivery gift is a very popular alternative, because it generates a different surprise and makes the gifts have a much more emotional.

We have two types of fruit baskets to which you can add whatever you want: champagne, stuffed animals, balloons, etc.

Fruit baskets for the most delicious moment in the world

The fruit baskets are made up of wicker baskets covered with a black and white floral fabric. The basket is very nice to give a surprise to your mother, your grandmother or that person who loves floral prints.

This basket is always equipped with different kinds of basic fruits, such as apples, bananas, pears, or tangerines, to which we then add more exotic fruits (e.g. pineapple, coconut or mango). Depending on the basket you choose, it will carry some fruits or others, because the occasion sometimes requires different flavours.

Therefore we create different types of baskets. Because we understand that there are multiple situations in which to give a fruit basket, and we want you to find your perfect occasion. You will see in the category different fruit baskets, both for mothers and fathers as well as for more tropical or Mediterranean people, you will find everything you need at every moment!

Engraved fruit baskets for romantic and special occasions

The difference between fruit trays and baskets is that the former is made of wood and offer a more rustic and original touch. The style of our fruit trays is very homey very original.

The trays are filled with all kinds of fruit, just like the baskets. The basic fruits are always the same, and then different products and foods are added, depending on the product you choose. You can see all the variety in this section, and choose the box you want to surprise that special person you have in mind.

In addition to the rustic style that our fruit trays can offer you, you can personalise them with the text of your choice. All you have to do is tell us the text or name you want, and we'll engrave it on the box. Isn't it a very original gift?

It's perfect, for example, for the most romantic couples in the world. Write the date of your wedding or your anniversary and give the best couple a surprise.

If you love fruit, there is no more original gift for a delicious moment with a natural touch.