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Did the end of Money Heist leave you wanting for more? Are you eager for carnival to come and put on your red overall and Dalí's mask? Then this little gift that we are showing you is great for people like you. With our customised body Money Heist Family, even the little one at home will look like a member from the gang!

Our body is made of soft cotton fabric, perfect for baby's delicate skin, it is available in different colours and sizes, the best of all is its funny design. You will have a huge catalogue of characters to choose from and make your own Money Heist Family. You just need to choose the character that resembles each family member the most and add their name under ir to make it even more personal. Have you always wanted to know how you would look being Nairobi or Berlin? It is easier than ever!

If you want to dress your little one in style, or you are looking to celebrate the birth of a new baby, don't think it over and go for this customised body that will be a hit. Any Money Heist fan will fall in love with this original gift , don't you think?

Important: from 6 characters on, they will be divided in two rows.

- 6 character family: 3 on the upper row and 3 on the lower row.
- 7 character family: 4 on the upper row and 3 on the lower row.
- 8 character family: 4 on the upper row and 4 on the lower row.


• Customised body
• Souvenir card

Possibly, Money Heist is one of the most successful series from these past years. Its fame has gone abroad and it is known in every country in the world. It is a series that brings together action, really studied plots and epicness, it deserves its fame. For all Money Heist Fans, we have designed this funny Money Heist Family that can be used on a great variety of products, among those, the customised body we are showing you.

Our body is made of soft cotton fabric, so babies feel extremely comfortable when they wear it. Bodies are available from 3 months old, up to 18 months old. They are short sleeves with rounded neck and hooks, making it easy to put it on and take it off.

The design, you will have over 570 characters to choose from. All of them are wearing the red overall from the series, even pets! Once you have chosen the characters that look more like each member of the family, you just have to add their name under the character and we will take care of printing them on full colour on the baby's body, following the order you chose.

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