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Is your family fan of cars? Then we have the perfect accesory for the little ones of the house: our customised body Car Family. A funny body that you can design with a great variety of cars and different vehicles that will bring the special touch that your are looking for in any birth gift .

The bodys are made in soft cotton fabric and have short sleeves. In addition to choosing the size that fits your needs best, you can choose the colour, but the best of all is the fact that you can design it how you like it. Are you a Scooter or car person? Is your baby as active as a motorcycle? Whatever it is, there is always the perfect car for each person and you can find them in different colours and sizes in our catalogue.

If you are looking for a birth gift for that biker family that just have there first baby or you want to surprise those friends who love the world of engines, no doubt, a great way of oding it is with this funny and costumised body. On the other hand, if your baby is a bit older and loves car, they will not believe it when they see their new body, they won't want to take it off.


• Customised body
• Souvenir card

Do you love the world of the engine? Do you have a car you love? Are you known as "the biker" on your neighbourhood? We have created a great variety of original gifts where you can find our body Cars Family. A unique and special gift, you will have a blast designing it!

The body is made of soft cotton fabric, made specially for babies' skin. It has a very comfortable neck and hooks, to make diaper changes easier than ever. This body has short sleeves and it is available in different colours, our smalles size is 3 months and the biggest one 18 months.

For your personalisation, you have a great variety of vehicles in our catalogue of Cars family. You can choose from Scooters to vans in different colours. THe idea is that each member chooses the vehicle they feel more identified with. You can also add your names under the character. You just have to wait to get your package at home!

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