There is nothing more classic and effective than giving a good bouquet of fresh flowers. We are specialised in home-delivered flowers, offering you the best current options of flowers-related gifts on the Internet together with a premium quality service. We got well-crafted bouquets intended to make the flowers last as long as possible. We have a variety of options, besides offering flowers of different types.

Home-delivered bouquets of flowers

Let's go with the classic among classics. If you are thinking of giving flowers, we want congratulate you: for your good taste, for your elegance and for how you are going to make the right choice. Flowers have always been associated with the world of gifts. There is nothing more beautiful than surprising someone with a bouquet of roses.

If you are looking for flowers, at Made in Gift we can help you. We have flowers of excellent quality, at a great price and we can send them to you in a couple of days.

What does it mean to give flowers in the 21st century?

Honestly, at this point, it is a gift that is out of the ordinary. That is precisely why it reaches the heart because it is a classic but at the same time a surprising gift.

If you don’t know what to buy for your girlfriend, we can helo you out. There are many diffrent types of flowers, but above all roses are an endless classic. Whether in bouquets or baskets, roses are the quintessential flower. We have been working with florists from around the world for years, to ensure that the best flowers arrive at your home freshly cut.

Premium rose gifts

All of our roses are premium quality. They are directly imported from Ecuador because they are unanimously considered as the world’s best roses thanks to their beauty, their quality, their scent, etc. We use express shipping to Spain and then we deliver around Europe.

The preparation process is quite long. We put a lot of effort into trimming the steams (but leaving very long enough, without any thorns), we discard of those that do not have the right quality and we select each rose.

This last step is very important: we choose buds that are about to open, so the person who receives the bouquet can admire the beauty of the bouquet and its evolution. After one or two days, the bouquet is going to be even more wonderful, because the flowers will be completely open and the petals will slowly fall off.

By the way, we naturally enhance the aroma, so that that special person who sees the bouquet can smell and enjoy the world’s most refreshing floral scent.

What types of bouquet do we have?

We have different types of bouquets depending on how many flowers you want to gift.

  • Bouquet of 6 flowers: not because it is the smallest bouquet that it is less interesting. It is elegant, discreet, it goes straight to the heart, and is not as overwhelming as larger bouquets. Perfect for couples who are just starting.
  • Bouquet of 12 flowers: the classic, the real must. Twelve roses like twelve suns, perfect for anniversaries, to give to a mother who has just given birth, to say goodbye to a colleague who changes jobs. It never fails.
  • Bouquet of 18 flowers: if you want to go a bit further, we have even bigger bouquets. The 18-flower bouquet is perfect to say I LOVE YOU in capital letters.
  • Bouquet of 24 flowers: do you still want more? Let's go with the two dozen. For those people drunk with love who want to wake up their partner with a room full of flowers.
  • Bouquet of 36 flowers: three dozen roses. We have seen how grandchildren gave it to their grandmothers, children to their mothers, husbands totally in love who wanted to tell their partner once again how much they love her.
  • Bouquet of 48 flowers: the big one among the big ones. Only for people crazy in love, people intoxicated by the spirit of Adele, and for those seducers who seal their love with flowers.

Where do we ship?

As you know, our headquarters are in Madrid. Both in the capital and surrounding cities, we can also serve other types of flowers: coves, violets, orchids... But we also ship around all of Europe.

We prepare some vases and baskets that are breath-taking. Ask us, we have a lot to offer you.

If you were wondering how to buy flowers online, you know how easy it is. Just go to Made in Gift, choose the roses you like and that special person will receive them in less than 24 hours in Spain or less than a week in Europe. Buying flowers online is fast, economical and you will always manage to reach the heart of that special girl. Or boy, since flowers are not just for girls.